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      Emerton Public School has a proud tradition of providing an inclusive education. Within our 10 classes, students and teachers focus on project based and hands on learning. Students use engaging tools such as interactive whiteboards, ipod touches, ipads and laptops which enable students to be at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

      Years 3 and 4 Go Tree Planting

      On Thursday the 21st of May, Year 3 and 4 went to Western Sydney Park lands. We went there to plant some trees. We planted different types of plants like Kangaroo Grass, Native Indigo and Paper bark trees. First we picked a plant and we put it into a hole. We watered the plants. We put cardboard around the base of the plants to to capture water and keep moisture in the soil. We put some bamboo sticks beside the plants. We put bunny bags around the plants. The bunny bags keep the plants warm and stop rabbits from eating the plants. We planted 200 plants. We had a great time.

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      Play Based Learning Week 5

      This week, Stage One students from 1S and 1-2B have been participating in Play Based Learning. The students have been working in small groups and exploring elements of technology, construction and imaginative play. They have also been reporting at the end of each session on what they did in their group, who they worked with, what they created and how they felt about what they did. They reported back to the class about their learning and the fun they had.

      Miss Bode

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      Measuring Crazy Shoe sizes in 3/4F!

      In 3/4F, we used informal units to measure the area of our shoes. Firstly we traced around our shoes and then placed the counters on our shoe drawings. We estimated how many counters would actually fit before we counted how many actually did fit. Then we compared our shoe prints with everybody in the class and put this data into a table and column graph. We discovered who had the biggest and smallest shoe size, as well as the average shoe size for our class. We also found that you could use almost anything to measure things and not just rulers.

      Miss Filipo

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      Breakfast at Emerton

      Every morning before school, from Monday to Thursday, some of our fantastic parents are at school to prepare breakfast for our students. For 50c students can get a selection of toast with jam or vegemite, cereal and milo. This breakfast is kindly donated to the school by “Hands and Feet Community Care.”
      Every Friday morning, we also have volunteers from Youth With A Mission who prepare a cooked breakfast for students. This includes eggs and bacon on toast and fruit juice. The cooked breakfast on Friday is free for all students.

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      Our Excursion to Manly

      We went to Manly Sealife Sanctuary. We went on a bus. We had recess first. We saw a moray eel. We saw a jellyfish and a seahorse. We saw a stingray. We saw a Hermit crab and a shark. We saw a penguin and a sea lizard. We saw an electric eel. We saw the beach and the water. We had our lunch on the beach. We played on the beach. Then we went home.
      By Kym
      Click to see the Manly Excursion Gallery

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      Crunch, Crackle, Create @ Emerton

      On Monday the 19th of August, Emerton hosted an event called Crunch, Crackle, Create. Our hall became a gallery of amazing work by students from Chifley College Bidwill, St Marys North Public School, Rooty Hill High School and our own Stage 3 students. The exhibition was to showcase students’ imaginative and creative responses to different books. Emerton students studied “The Not So Goblin Boy” by Ezekiel Kaymullina and used technology to research and present their ideas about the themes in the book. We had stop motion animations, ebooks, Puppet Pal movies, slideshows , online avatar animations and augmented reality displays.
      All our work can be viewed on the following website:
      Crunch, Crackle, Create

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      Our Excursion to The Rocks

      On Tuesday 6th August 2/3 R and 3/4D went to the rocks. On the way to the rocks we saw different buses and birds. We went over the ANZAC bridge and saw two soldiers with their faces down and there were rose petals and their guns were pointing down. At the Big Dig our teacher was Gary but everyone called him Gaz. The first part of the lesson we talked about three victims. Their names were George Cribb, Anne Armston and Margaret Byrne. The first story that Gaz told us was about George Cribb. He was sent to Australia for 7 years because he printed his own money. He came to Australia to become a butcher. 2/3R and 3/4D went to lunch at a park not far from the Big Dig. We sat on a hill and we all ate our lunch and recess. Then we went to a memorial park where the soldiers were. When we went to the museum we got split into two groups. One group was with Miss Frost and the other group was with Mrs Cassidy , Mrs Fox, Miss Routledge and Miss Drage. We went and saw all the Cadigal people’s artefacts that they built and used. It was fantastic.

      By Tashana

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      Reflections of Open Day by 2B

      Today 2B went to the Open Day. There were two fabulous items in the hall.
      The item that I liked best was the dancing because the moves were good, even the clothes.

      By Deja May

      Today we played the drums. There were two items. The item I liked best was the drumming because I did it.

      By Jonathan

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      Harmony Day

      Thursday 21st March was Emerton’s annual Harmony Day celebration. The students, staff and parents made the day a great success with their enthusiasm and co- operation. There was a wonderful range of Australian, Aboriginal and international costumes as well as the wearing of the colour orange for Harmony Day.

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      Congratulations 4/5C

      4/5C attended the awards ceremony as finalists for the We Create challenge at the Sydney Opera House on Monday the 26th of November. It was exciting to hear they came away as winners of their section and they received a trophy, a certificate and some amazing prizes for the school. A more detailed report about this exciting event will be put together by students from 4/5C soon.

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